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1-1 Coached Nutrition & Training

£140 P/M

Monthly Membership

Rolling subscription

This is the most exclusive of our We Dominate Nutrition Packages. This combines our ‘coached nutrition plan’ with Warrior Programming 1-1 coaching.
When we say we will be here for you every step of the way- we mean it. We 100% invest ourselves in you, your health and your goals.
This package will bring all the amazing perks of our coached package- Weekly check ins, unlimited support, guidance, infographics sheets, recipes, blogs and your own personalised nutrition plan. All along with 1-1 programming and coaching with Warrior Programming owner Tim.
This package is for anyone and everyone- this is not just a performance package- this is a health and lifestyle package. We will make this work for you, your equipment and we will overcome every hurdle together.

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