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Here are some common questions about WDN

Which package should I choose?
Choose WD3 if you have had experience in dieting and tracking your food intake before and you just want to know what to do to get in shape. WD3 is a do it yourself deal. We’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to discover what you want to achieve and then send you everything you need to get started on your three-month journey. There are no coach check-in’s included so when you have received your plan its on you to get the job done.
Apply to WDN if you want to work with another human being and have some accountability to completing the tasks set out by our coaches. Joining WDN you’ll receive weekly feedback when you check in and have access to our Facebook group where you can ask any questions you have, pickup recipe ideas and chat to others on the program.
Apply for DIET KILLER if you have mastered the methods set out during WDN and you want to maximise both your aerobic and strength potential, DIET KILLER is for you.
Do I need to stick to the meals that are on my plan or can I mix things up?

You can absolutely mix things up! Your plan is to give you an idea of how to get started to hit your calorie and macronutrient goals. Use the suggested foods list in the WDN BIBLE for a comprehensive list of foods to eat.

I'm lost with tracking, what can I do?
Follow the meal plans in the guide! These will get you to your specific macronutrient intake, all you have to do is stick with it and weigh the amounts! 
How Strict is the diet?
Your goals and the timeframe you want to reach them in will dictate how strict you need to be. We have seen that if you take on 90% of your calories and above from food sources with a high nutrient density you can have 10% of your calories from whatever you like without drastically affecting your results. That said If you want the best results fast 100% adherence is the way to go.
What happens after I sign up?
We’ll send you your start up questionnaire and goal setting form and when we receive your response you will receive an email containing your starter pack with further details on what happens next and how we want you to move forward.
Can I eat cheat foods?
Yes. Any diet if it is to be effective needs to be sustainable and if having the occasional treat helps you stay on track for longer then we would see that as a positive. It’s important that you get the nutrient dense foods into your diet first, A highly nutritious, balanced diet with the occasional treat works!
Does anybody ever mess up?
Yes all the time! A key factor whilst working with us is honesty both between you and your coach and also with yourself. One of the best things we can offer you is accountability. We don’t tell people off for messing up because it’s our job to help you find out why you go off track and offer our experience and advice to find a solution.
What does it mean when it says “uncooked” or “dry” on my plan?
This refers to how to weigh and measure your food and is never an instruction to eat dry rice or raw meat! We recommend weighing everything raw for the most accurate measurement. 


What if I don’t want to take supplements? Do I have to take whey protein?
Simply put, no, you can replace your supplements in many cases with whole food if you prefer. Remember supplements mean to supplement your diet where it’s lacking- for instance protein, this can be made up by both foods and powders. 
I am over my calories but perfectly on my macros, what does this mean?
This can be down to several issues within MyFitnessPal, the first of which is inaccurate calculations of the calories (within the app). Don’t stress about this, only worry about your specific macronutrient intake. Also it could be a result of greater intake of fibre/ sugars- if this is the case, reducing sugars is recommended to get the most out of your plan with WDN.  


Are there any specific time frames to eat my food in?
Naturally this is going to be specific to you, regarding your personal and professional life. The easy answer is to eat when you are hungry, meals every 2-4 hours, fuel up before a workout and recover with food post workout. The rest is flexible. 
What should I do if I am eating out?
For this there are several protocols you can follow. 
1. Is the restaurant on MFP? 
2. Input the meal early to plan your day around the meal. 
3. Make wise choices. 
4. Make the best guesstimates. When we say guesstimates, this is a last resort. Make choices based around what you have had before and the average macronutrients for similar foods. 


Can I drink alcohol? Is it trackable?
As above, we preach flexible dieting, cheats are allowed- however moderation is key. Alcohol does have calories in (7kcal per gram) and most drinks are in MFP. You should track your drinks, and then base your day off calories consumed. Your protein and fat intake should be reached with foods, adjust your carbohydrates around the alcohol calories consumed. This is a simple, yet confusing process. If you want the most out of your plan and achieving your goals- minimal alcohol intake is recommended.
What do I do when I have finished my plan?
There are several directions you can take: 
1. Rejoin, with either WD3 or WDN packages and further strive to achieve your goals. This will be second nature after a prolonged period of tracking! 
2. Follow your baseline intake indefinitely.


I have under-ate all day, should I make my macros up this evening?
Yes. Backloading food is a common strategy, often with those who live busy schedules. It is perfectly fine. However, doing this sporadically will throw off your weigh ins the next day (with increased glycogen, this increases water weight). 
Do I have to do WDN before DIET KILLER?
Yes. WDN allows you to get to grips with tracking and your ability to weigh and measure food for a prolonged period of time which is a skill required for DIET KILLER.


Should I repeat WD3 or upgrade to WDN?
It’s all personal preference. WD3 is a 3-month plan and WDN is a month-by-month plan, with more nutrition coaching and guidance. It depends on what you need!
Can I track with tbsp, cups and spoons?
You can, however grams are the preferred measurement for the most accurate tracking process. For example under/ overfilling the spoon- this will add or subtract calories, leading to inaccuracy.


Are green veggies not 'Free'?
Nope, everything has to be tracked, weighed and measured in this plan. 
Can I not just track calories rather than macronutrients? It's all just emergent intake, right?
The truth is that the laws of thermodynamic is ‘energy in vs energy out’ are real and this will help you achieve your basic goal. However, to get there quicker manipulating your macros specific to your individual needs and demands will have a greater affect. For instance, not tracking macros may leave you in a severe protein debt, which will decrease recovery and possibly muscle atrophy (losing size). We recommend staying on board with your macronutrient intake to achieve your goals. 


Where should I buy the recommended BCAAs and dextrose from?
We are not affiliated with any supplement company at present. Any generic supplement retailer will more than adequately suffice, however My Protein is the cheapest for the best quality in the UK at present. 
I haven't been able to hit my macros for the last xx days. What should I do?
Don’t worry. Let’s just start where we fell of the waggon and think of the events which are blocking us eating and what we can do to resolve the situation, for example, Sunday meal preparation for the entire week. Make slight changes to overcome these barriers! 


Do I need to stick to the meals that are on my plan or can I mix things up?
You can absolutely mix things up! Your plan is to give you an idea of how to get started to hit your calorie and macronutrient goals. Use the suggested foods list in the WDN BIBLE for a comprehensive list of foods to eat.


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